Who doesn’t like bacon?! err beacon! RIGHT!

So back in the wrath days, we were holy light mastahs! We used our mighty Beacon of Light on 1 tank and healed the second, effectively keeping both tanks up by ourselves (with some support healing like shields) in every raid. We were 2 tank healers in 1, wrapped up in a little package of awesomeness with unlimited mana to boot.

With Cataclysm, those days are over and boy am I glad! I’ve never enjoyed healing with my paladin this much and she’s my newfound love and passion.

With Cataclysm, our tool kit expanded to astronomical proportions. We gained new healing spells that are viable, and *gasp* aoe healing (2x) while our beloved and overpowered Beacon of Light shrunk.  It now only heals 50%. Long are the days of boring healadin healing and keeping 2 tanks up alone by spamming 1 button.

So this left me wondering about strategies for making the most of bacon these days. In recent raids I’ve tried a few different options, bacon the tank, bacon the OT, throw around sparkly massive healz! I haven’t really found what exactly is the best, until this post on Bossy Pally enlightened me a bit more.

It’s a great read and I suggest you do to.  Key takeaways I learned from this,

  1. Keep up with cross bacon if you have 2 pallies and keep track of your own tanks, but bacon stack on Halfus (drake tank) and Chimearon (main tank)
  2. If you are the solo pally, bacon the OT (or dps kiter like in Magmaw) and heal focus the MT in most fights. Assign the second strongest single target healer to the OT if 2 tank fight.
  3. there isn’t really one…. I did learn that bacon on your tank isn’t that effective and is a huge waste of healing. While it builds up holy power faster, how beneficial is that really? Not so much.

So bacon away my holy brothers and sisters! But don’t ever lose sight of your tank assignment. Sparkles ftw!

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