How to not fail at healing T14 Heroics

How to not fail at healing T14 Heroics

Hello all!

I’m baaaaaack! I’ll write a longer update this weekend when I have time but for now I wanted to bring you a tidbid of what’s in my mind. I joined a new raid team this week for the first time in many many years, started straight away on heroic 10 man content.

After which, I’ve decided to revise my Holy Paladin in MoP healing flowchart.

It’s pretty much this.

clicky click for full version


However, one small change and I’ll put it here in RED CAPS so you know that I’m actually screaming it.


Oh and spamming DL is fun, for 30 seconds then I’m drained.

What else I’ve discovered? Oh yeah, being a HPS god feels like its totally over in MoP but I’m still getting used to our new above playstyle so it could be my curve, too, or gear. Meh gear.

Gear RNG Gods

Speaking of gear.

Dear blizzard RNG gods, Thank you for blessing me with 4 new shiny epics Thursday night in our raid. I like my new shoes even though they have no spirit. However, of the other 3, I didn’t really need three f’in offhands. Yes, I appreciate the:

  • Spirit offhand with my extra lucky coin roll
  • Spirit offhand made by a dear guildie
  • Spirit shield

I could have been much happier with things OTHER than another off-hand Blizzard gods and been more useful to my gear upgrades. Le sigh. Hugs and snuggles, Gina

Haste vs. Mastery

Something else I noticed when working on 3 healing HC Stone Guard is that while I love my mastery reforging for everything I had done so far, I now noticed that my heals simply didn’t hit fast enough to keep up with the damage on the tank with the bleed and 2 doggies. If the spirit buff is kept up nicely, I think reforging some to haste aiming for 25% raid buffed haste, then reforging the rest to mastery, will be useful.

More to come soon!

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