Holy Paladin Power Auras exports to increase 4.2 mana efficiency

So, while Firelands and patch 4.2 looms on the horizon (due to hit tomorrow on US realms), it’s a good time to remind all holidans what we get in the patch.

You can find my full guide to understanding our class changes here, yep there’s that many changes.  Make sure you are pepared for launch day!

In addition to some nice class buffs, we are yet again plagued with class nerfs… namely to our mana. Nearly all of our heals have been increased in cost, some are sigificant. What this means in practical terms is that we’ll need to be more careful with our healing strategy and make some adjustments to our healing style.

Healing Style the Way Forward

I suspect we’ll find the following in practice once the patch hits:

  • Use Holy Light on the raid (with 100% transfer to our bacon’d tank)
  • We’ll use Divine Lights primarily on our tanks (DL costs 30% more mana 5% more than before for a total of 35% of base mana). This was a visible nerf on the PTR, tomorrow I’ll see how it really feels :)
  • Use Holy Shock on every single cooldown (it’s cheaper now)!
  • Use Judgement on every single cooldown (we need lots of mana).
  • Use Word of Glory with 3 charges every time it’s up (thanks to the 30% healing increase buff).
  • Use Holy Radiance when needed for raid healing (thanks to the reduced cooldown)
  • Due to mana increases, I will probably stay in melee more often to smack the boss.

Power Auras to the Rescue!

So for the above changed playstyle, I have several Power Auras that I created that will help us on our holy way. Specifically to increase our mana efficiency.

Power Auras was created to provide visual cues (auras) when you gain buffs, debuffs and many more. Very useful for shorts buffs or debuffs, it allows you to draw in the center of the screen, or around your character, very customizable visual effects, rather than having to look at or mouseover buff/debuff icons/actionbars.

Get it here.

Below are codes you can import into your game directly.  Open Power Auras with /powa and click “Import” for each of these.

I pulled them together from various online sources and modified them to fit my own needs.

All of them together, look like this in game. Pretty isn’t it?

Not so much into pink (yes I know I’m a girl), you can edit your aura codes and just change the color.

Holy Shock Cooldown

In practical terms come patch day, you should use HS on every single cooldown because it’s cheap, it’s instant, and it builds holy power.  I use this handy-dandy Power Auras code to monitor my HS cooldown with a ticking timer:

Version:4.20; b:0; g:0.8275; icon:Spell_Holy_SearingLight; buffname:Holy Shock; x:-203; bufftype:7; texture:118; alpha:1; PowerType:0; aurastextfont:4; size:0.02; y:65; inverse:true; timer.b:0.051; timer.g:0.0706; timer.h:3.23; timer.enabled:true; timer.y:-8; timer.x:-170

Judge NOAW!!!

To be sure that I use Judgement on every cooldown and maximize mana return, I use this power aura code which gives both an audible (Ilove the beep) and a visual display popup when it’s off cooldown. This will be even more important for me come 4.2. On most boss fights I have trained myself to judge on the beep and I love it!

Version:4.20; InvertAuraBelow:12; b:0.9686; anim1:2; g:0.3373; icon:Spell_Holy_RighteousFury; buffname:Judgement; bufftype:15; texture:21; sound:23; size:0.35; y:-119; timer.h:1.5; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:CENTER

Holy Power 3 Charge

Since our Word of Glory is being buffed 30%, and costs zippooooo mana, we should make sure we use it. I find the default holy power bar pretty much useless so I use this Power Aura for a big warning of OMFG3CHARGESDOSOMETHINGWITHITNOW.

Version:4.20; b:0.7804; g:0.3647; thresholdinvert:true; icon:spell_holy_lightsgrace; x:-3; bufftype:10; texture:186; PowerType:9; threshold:3; size:0.99; y:206

Divine Plea Ready!

We already rely on Divine Plea as our primary “mana regen cooldown”, but this aura will show you when it’s up to be sure you maximize it’s usage:

Version:4.20; b:0.8039; g:0.3608; icon:Spell_Holy_Aspiration; buffname:Divine Plea; begin:2; x:-20; bufftype:15; texture:31; alpha:0.82; mine:true; speed:2; combat:true; size:0.35; y:-130

Arcane Torrent for Belfs

Are you a belf paladin or a cow? Well if you are a belf you have Arcane Torrent to also use as a mana regen cooldown. Unless you are on a a Cho’gal sort of fight where you need the interrupt mechanic for the fight itself, use this aura to be sure you keep it on cooldown:

Version:4.20; b:0.8275; g:0.4235; icon:Spell_Shadow_Teleport; buffname:Arcane Torrent; begin:2; x:20; bufftype:15; texture:31; alpha:0.82; symetrie:1; mine:true; speed:2; combat:true; size:0.35; y:-130

Happy Healing out there healbots and enjoy Firelands <3

  • Jenetha

    Awesome, thanks!

    I can never really get Poweraura’s to do what I want it to do, so this is great!

  • dio

    timer for Holy Shock doesn’t seem to be working for me. Not showing up

  • Gina

    Hey there!

    Maybe it helps, edit the aura and check that it’s turned on for the spec # you are using for Holy :) In my case it’s my second spec.

    Let me know if it doesnt work still :)


  • Dartagnon

    on the judge aura the sound doesn’t always go off. And Thank you.

  • dio

    Hi. I did try editing, and also deleting and then re-importing, doesnt work :( Everything else works though

  • Craig

    I love you! I have been looking for something like this forever. you are awesome… thanks!

  • Gina

    You’re very welcome :) I’ll update this post soon, got a few new ones up my sleeve since 4.2! :D

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