How to Holy Paladin in Patch 5.0 including my first ever flowchart!

How to Holy Paladin in Patch 5.0 including my first ever flowchart!

So MoP is right around the corner, but first we have the 5.0 patch. AKA the PREPANDALAND patch and things be changing up on us!

Here’s a rundown of the TL;DR version. If you want full details from smarter-than-me and much quicker people: check Kurn’s post and Getsus’s  post here and Blessing of King’s post here.

Mine will be short and sweet with shiny spell photos – I do love pretty things!  :-)

Major Changes

Major Changes you NEED to know for next week’s patch:

  • We haz a new talent system (my recommended talents for DS HC 10m below)
  • You need to change your glyphs (recommended below)
  • You’ll have account wide achievements, pets and mounts! like whoa!
  • Intellect doesn’t increase mana anymore, all have SET 100k mana at lvl 85 (300k at 90)
  • Spirit will increase regen, it’s sexier than it ever was.
  • 5 x holy power is stored now, nice quality of life change
  • All healers’ dispels have a cooldown now, boo! prepare for more coordination
Holidan-Specific Changes

Specifically for you holidan healbots out there:

Auras > Seals!

Seals are now Auras, your old auras are GONE! Also note that you get 10% casting speed, +5% healing, and chance to restore mana from the new Seal of Insight.

All paladins have the new Devotion (replaces the aura mastery we had – now on a 3 minute cooldown.

Judgement…er judgment

Remove Judgment from your bars and any power auras you may have. You don’t need it anymore for mana return or haste. Oh and the fixed the spelling too, hax!

Everything taste better with bacon!

Beacon of Light has no duration now, and no mana cost (but has 3s cd). Set your tank and FORGET IT! Take note that HR + LoD will heal your bacon for 15%.

Double ze healz!

Holy Shock is more powerful, use it on every cd.

Holy Radiance is no longer a HoT, it heals the target and half to the people close to the target once AND will proc the new Daybreak .

Light of Dawn is no longer a cone heal, thank freaking god (see below)

Holy wrath as a spell is GONE for us. But we have something new! Denounce is new and flipping awesome. It’s a holy paladin ranged cast we can NUKE stuff with and it doens’t cost a gazillion mana like exorcism did. I feel like I can how nuke from a distance and even fill in on the boss.




Light of Dawn is FIXED

In Cataclysm, not only did Ghostcrawler hate paladins but in particular he hated female belfs. Did you ever ever see how our LoD has been fucked up the entire expansion? Yeah it does’t aim. Just look…



And now:



Finally… the image says enough!

I Haz Ranged DPS?

In cool stuff, holy paladins get a new  ranged dps called denounce! pewpew and it looks like a holy nuke!





New Talent System

We have a new talent system consisting of 3 talent options every 15 levels.  Gone are the days of our big ‘ol talent tree, and we can pick and choose for particular encounters, which I think we’ll be doing a lot of.  We go from this:



Here’s the NEW talent system. You get 1 option per 15 levels. This is my general spec I’ll be taking, only I’ll swap around the spells in the third tier depending on the boss and mechanics. I’ll explain below :)



Tier 1 ->

Speed of Light ALL ZE WAY! It’s like a rogue sprint and it’s pretty!


Tier 2 ->

I’ll be taking repentance unless the fight needs a stun.


Tier 3 ->

This is our fun swappppy tier. I’ll be changing around what I pick depending on the encounter.

Selfless Healer: This is very powerful when you need big tank heals, it’s mana efficient to judge 3x and then throw out an instant /mana / supercharged free Flash of Light. Combined with the Glyph of Flash of Light, subsequent DL would be even more effective on the tank.  This seems like a very fun mechanic to try to master and changes up the gamestyle a bit. I’d use this on Madness with the planned high tank damage and quick big heals.

Eternal Flame: This is a pure throughput talent, particularly effective when lots of people are taking damage and you get hots rolling. A flight like Spine HC with the healing debuff is one I’d use this for. Also useful on Gunship HC.  It looks like this:

Sacred Shield: I love this spell, still from wrath days, and it’s so pretty!  I think this is very useful on fights with spikey tank damage SS can act as a buffer. Fights that come to mind are  zon’ozz (last bounce) and yorsaj (purple phase), hagara (tank dmg),  soaker on morchok. Right now it’s a bit weak so I do hope they buff it some in a future beta patch. It’s so pretty!


Swap Your Glyphs

Many of our glyphs have changed so once you get your talents in, change your glyphs too. The entire system has been revamped.

Major glyphs I’ll be using:  Divine Plea, Light of Dawn, Divinity

Situation major glyphs:
  • Beacon of Light  – this is very powerful for something like duo or solo healing spine hc and using bacon on each with healing debuff
  • Denounce – this is awesome to stay holy while leveling or doing dailies!
  • Holy Shock – also great for dailies or leveling
  • Glyph of Flash of Light  – can be really fun with the Selfless Healer talent ;-)
  • Glyph of Harsh Words – thanks @walkstweets for reminding me of this one, another for our dps holy pala arsenal!
 Minor glyphs are really only there for “fun”. I’ll be using: Glyph of Contemplation, Glyph of Winged Vengeance, Glyph of Fire From the Heavens, Glyph of Righteous Retreat, or Glyph of the Luminous Charger.


Oh.. 4 wings are cool see –>



In terms of our new playstyle, we need to use HS pretty much on CD and maximize use of our free holy power heals. Things aren’t going to be as easy as it has been for us dear mana batteries. It kinda looks like this now:




I’ll leave you with a feq quick tips to get straight back in the game next week:

Tip #1 Get prepared:  

First, setup a power aura for HS cooldown and 3HPWoG. You’ll want to use these a lot more often due to mana conservation. If you have tracking setup for Bacon or JoTP you dont’ need it anymore.


Tip #2 No moar spammage:

The days of AOE HR x a gazillion spam are unfortunately over. AoE healing needs to be smarter now –> think HS > HR > HS > LoD


Tip #3 You can nuke stuff:

Yep using HS + Denounce. From a distance!


Tip #4 Stop judging:

Take Judgement off your bars – and check all your other spells for that matter.


Tip #5  Change your Glyphs and Talents:
Bot systems have changed and are completely reset, don’t forget to choose yours!

  • GGElaina

    Lots of pretty pictures in this post! My holy paladin will sadly be my 4th healer leveled since it’s Horde and the rest of my 85s are currently Alliance even though Holy Pally is my second favorite class to heal with.

  • Ceraphus

    Fantastic overview, already posted the link here for my guild’s holy pallies. Flowcharts FTW.

  • Baandayd

    Anyone know where there is an HpM and HpS chart for Holy pally healing?

  • Gina is a good one with up to date calculations :-)

  • Vallez

    Great post! I’d love to hear your thoughts on questing as holy? Still an exercise in masochism or does Harsh Words make a big enough difference?

  • Megacode

    Great post :). With the new Daybreak we will have some nice AoE healing and I too will be choosing SoL and macroing it with DP(old habits are hard to break)!!

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  • Knottybits

    OMG This post is the BEST! You saved me so much time looking all this stuff up. I love your enthusiasm and humor! Thank you for putting so much time into this!

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  • Steve

    Great job – thanks! The only thing I would say is that you reference removing Judgement from your bars a few times in your post but then you also say that Selfless Healer has it’s uses. Maybe change that to “hide it in a corner and don’t touch it unless…” :) Thanks for the great flowchart too!!

  • Leooo

    Pretty, shiny guide ! Love the flowchart :)
    Thanks a lot.

  • Keith


    Absolutely HAD to thank you – like a total noob I hadnt read up on the changes to Judgement – never realised that it was a pure dps spell now.

    Wasting mana each time :(

    Obviously a ton of other great info there too :)

    Much appreciated!


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