Holy Paladin Gear BiS Pre-raid and Raid Lists for MoP (5.0)

Holy Paladin Gear BiS Pre-raid and Raid Lists for MoP (5.0)

One of things I do at every new expansion (or tier for that matter) is prepare a BiS list. In the case of a new expansion, I prepare several lists. God, I love lists.

First, I start with a pre-raiding list, this is the rep gear, crafting gear, and heroic dungeon gear. This is my “starting set” that I aim for, and also how I determine which dungeons I want to chain farm before our first raiding day. The second list is my BiS raiding list (with heroic raiding gear) and subsequent gear that will help me make it to the HC gear, the non-heroic gear.

I have been using a nice ‘ol google doc to save all sorts of gear I’ve found on MoP.wowhead.com database. However, to my delight, as I was building my list and doing some research – I found someone did all the work for me!

Full credit goes to Getsu’s Sanctuary, his initial post is the basis for my very own – and my dear friend The Cursed Healer. I have modified a few of my own preferred pieces based on our progression path as well.

Stat Weights

For my gear stats weight’s I based this on the following:

Intellect > Spirit   > Mastery > Haste  > Crit 

(based on this below post of weights)

  • 100 Mastery Rating: 0.00837 / (1+0.1995) = 0.00698, about 0.7% relative healing increase.
  • 100 Crit Rating: 0.005568 / (1+0.1535) = 0.0048, about 0.48% relative healing increase.
  • 100 Haste Rating: 0.0078 / (1+0.144) = 0.0068, about 0.68% relative hps increase.
  • 100 Spellpower: 100 / (10180 + 9000) = 0.0052, about 0.52% relative healing increase.

This is still subject to change as we’re still in beta. I think in the end, I’ll build 2 full pre-raid sets in the week I have before it hits, 1 for haste throughput and 1 for mastery.

BiS Overall

Here we go! But, first, an ilevel and color code explanation:

  • Pre-Raid ilevel ~463 – Heroic Dungeon + Crafted
  • Entry Raid ilevel ~489/502  – Mogu, Rep, and Epic Crafted
  • BiS ilevel 509/519 – Heroic Raid 
  • BiS is bold and marked with *



*Casque of Expelled Corruption 516 – Heroic mode Protectors of the Endless *

White Tiger Headguard 509 – Helm of the Shadowy Conqueror  Sha of Fear in Terrace of Endless Spring

Six Pool’s Open Helm 489- Shado-Pan with Revered reputation

Crown of Holy Flame 463- High Inquisitor Whitemane in Scarlet Monastery



Korven’s Amber-Sealed Beetle 509 – Wind Lord Mel’jarak in Heart of Fear

*Zian’s Choker of Coalesced Shadow  502 – Spirit Kings encounter in Mogu’Shan Vaults*

Worldwaker Cachabon 502 – Dropped by Will of the Emperor encounter in Mogu’Shan Vaults

Links of the Lucid 489 – Klaxxi with Revered reputation

Mending Necklace of the Golden Lotus 489 -Reward from the quest The Final Power

Mindbreaker Pendant 463 – Sha of Doubt in Temple of the Jade Serpent

Necklace of Disorientation 463 – Sha of Violence in Shado-Pan Monastery

Mindcapture Pendant  463 – Xin the Weaponmaster in Mogu’Shan Palace

Temperature-Sensing Necklace  463 – Flameweaver Koegler in Scarlet Halls



*White Tiger Mantle * 509 – Shoulders of the Shadowy Conqueror  Lei Shi in Terrace of Endless Spring*

Spaulders of the Emperor’s Rage 502 – Will of the Emperor in Mogu’shan Vaults

Paleblade Shoulderguards 489 – Bought from Goldon Lotus with Revered reputation

Shoulderguards of Painful Lessons 463 – Dropped by Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance



*Cloak of Overwhelming Corruption *516 – Protectors of the Endless encounter*

Drape of Gathering Clouds 509 – Blade Lord Ta’yak in Heart of Fear

Cape of Three Lanterns 502 – Stone Guard encounter in Mogu’Shan Palace.

Sagewhisper’s Wrap 489 – Shado-Pan with Revered reputation

Cape of Entanglement 463 –  Liu Flameheart in Temple of the Jade Serpent

Cloak of Hidden Flasks 463- Hoptallus in Stormstout Brewery

Cloak of Cleansing Flame 463 – Gekkan in Mogu’Shan Palance



*White Tiger Breastplate *509 - Chest of the Shadowy Conqueror - Grand Empress Shek’zeer in Heart of Fear*

Chestplate of the Forbidden Tower 509 – Dropped by Imperial Vizier Zor’lok in Heart of Fear

Chestplate of Limitless Faith 496 – Blacksmithing 

Battleguard of Guo-Lai 489 – Bought from Golden Lotus with Revered reputation

Living Steel Breastplate 476 – Blacksmithing recipe bought from Shado-Pan Revered Rep

Swarmbringer Chestguard 463 – Raigonn in Gate of the Setting Sun

Mind’s Eye Breastplate 463 – Xin the Weaponmaster in Mogu’shan Palace

Bonded Plate of the Golden Lotus 463 – Reward from the quest Battle Axe of the Thunder King



*Inlaid Cricket Bracers *509 – Unsure where drops*

Bindings of Ancient Spirits 502 - Unsure where drops

Fallen Sentinel Bracers 489 – August Celestials with Revered reputation

Siegeworn Bracers 463 – General Pa’valak in Siege of Niuzao Temple



*White Tiger Gloves *509 - Gauntlets of the Shadowy Conqueror - Wind Lord Mel’jarak in Heart of Fear*

Grasps of Panic 509 – Garalon in Heart of Fear

Gauntlets of Unbound Devotion 496 – Blacksmithing

Gauntlets of Jade Sutras 489 – August Celestials with Revered Reputation

Living Steel Gauntlets 476 – Blacksmithing

Mindbinder Plate Gloves 463 –  Taran Zhu in Shado-Pan Monastery



*Mender’s Girdle of Endless Spring *509 – Spirit Kings encounter in Mogu’Shan Palace*

Girdle of Delirious Visions 502 – Spirit Kings encounter in Mogu’Shan Palace

Klaxxi Lash of the Doubter 489 – Klaxxi with Revered reputation

Quivering Heart Girdle 463 – Master Snowdrift in Shado-Pan Monastery

Girdle of Soothing Detonation 463 – Vizier Jin’bak in Siege of Niuzao Temple



*White Tiger Greaves *509 - Leggings of the Shadowy Conqueror - Amber-Shaper Un’sok in Heart of Fear*

Legplates of Sagacious Shadows 502 – Feng the Accursed in Mogu’Shan Vaults

Ambersmith Legplates 489 – Klaxxi with Revered reputation

Sudsy Legplates 463 –  Yan-Zhu the Uncasked in Stormstout Brewery



*Sollerets of Instability *509 – Tsulong in Terrace of Endless Spring*

Heavenly Jade Greatboots 502 –  The Stone Guard in Mogu’Shan Vaults

Bramblestaff Boots 489 – August Celestials with Revered reputation

Barreldodger Boots 463 – Ook-Ook in Stormstout Brewery

Glintrok Sollerets 463 – Gekkan in Mogu’Shan Palace



*Watersoul Signet *516 – Protectors of the Endless encounter in Terrace of Endless Spring*

*Seal of the Profane *509 – Amber-Shaper Un’sok in Heart of Fear*

Circuit of the Frail Soul 502 -TBD

Leven’s Circle of Hope 489 – Golden Lotus with Revered reputation

Vithrak, Gaze of the Deadman 476 – Flameweaver Koegler in Scarlet Halls

Alemental Seal 463 –  Yan-Zhu the Uncasked in Stormstout Brewery

Ring of Malice 463 – Taran Zhu in Shado-Pan Monastery

Viscous Ring 463 – Commander Ri’mok in Gate of the Setting Sun

Triune Signet 463 – High Inquisitor Whitemane in Scarlet Monastery

Beastbinder Ring 463 –  Houndmaster Braun in Scarlet Monastery



*Spirits of the Sun *509 –  Tsulong in Terrace of Endless Spring*

*Jade Courtesan Figurine *502 -TBD*

Qin-xi’s Polarizing Seal 502 – Will of the Emperor encounter in Mogu’shan Vaults

Jade Magistrate Figurine 502 -TBD

Scroll of Revered Ancestors 489 – Shado-Pan with Revered reputation

Blossom of Pure Snow 489 – Shado-Pan with Revered reputation

Relic of Chi Ji 476 – Inscription trinket gained from the Crane Deck

Thousand-Year Pickled Egg 470 –  Coren Direbrew during the Brewfest Event

Vial of Ichorous Blood 463 –  General Pa’valak in Siege of Niuzao Temple

Price of Progress 463 – Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance

Empty Fruit Barrel 463 –  Ook-Ook in Stormstout Brewery



*Kri’tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm *509 – Grand Empress Shek’zeer in Heart of Fear*

Loshan, Terror Incarnate 509 –  Tsulong in Terrace of Endless Spring

Tihan, Scepter of the Sleeping Emperor 502 – Will of the Emperor encounter in Mogu’Shan Palace

Je’lyu, Spirit of the Serpent 476 – Sha of Doubt in Temple of the Jade Serpent

Amber Saber of Klaxxi’vess 463 – Bought from the Klaxxi with Exalted reputation

Carapace Breaker 463 – Raigonn in Gate of the Setting Sun

Masterwork Forgewire Axe 463 – Blacksmithing (klaxxi honored)



*Eye of the Ancient Spirit *502 – TBD*

Fan of Fiery Winds 502 – Feng the Accursed in Mogu’Shan Vaults

Inscribed Red Fan 476 – Inscription

Scroll of Whispered Secrets 476 - TBD

Shield of the Protectorate 463 – Raigonn in Gate of the Setting Sun

Metanoia Shield 463 –  Jandice Barov in Scholomance

Masterwork Lightsteel Shield 463 – Blacksmithing


Pre-Raid BiS

My pre-raid BiS list includes the following. I’m going for mastery as primary stat after Spirit since it seems to be very strong at the moment, and I want to see how it performs in first raid.

Note: this list does not include rep grinding since I’m not sure how long that will take with dailies .

Head - Crown of Holy Flame  Scarlet Monastery
Neck - Mending Necklace of the Golden Lotus quest reward
Shoulders - Shoulderguards of Painful Lessons Scholomance
Cloak - Cloak of Hidden Flasks Stgormstout
Chest - Swarmbringer Chestguard Gate of the Setting Sun
Bracer - Siegeworn Bracers Siege of Niuzao Temple
Gloves - Mindbinder Plate Gloves Shado-Pan Monastery
Belt - Quivering Heart Girdle Shado-Pan Monastery
Legs - Sudsy Legplates Stormstout Brewery
Boots - Glintrok Sollerets Mogu’Shan Palace
Ring 1 -Viscous Ring Gate of the Setting Sun
Ring 2 - Triune Signet Scarlet Monastery
Trinket 1 - Price of Progress  Scholomance
Trinket 2 - Vial of Ichorous Blood Siege of Niuzao Temple
Weapon - Carapace Breaker Gate of the Setting Sun

Stat Totals:

  • Spell Power – 5152
  • Spirit – 5359
  • Weapon spell power – 5359
  • Haste – 1084
  • Mastery – 3430
  • Crit – 1053
  • Intellect – 9850

Next up, I’ll be doing some SIM work with both my Pre-Raid and Raid BiS sets to see how they work out.

How do you prepare for a new expansion and raiding?

  • http://Healingspec.com Megacode

    Great post Gina. I know it took some time and now I don’t have to dig it up myself, but much appreciated good stuff :)

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  • http://www.aftermath-guild.com Adornus

    So the real question is, what do you spend VP on first? Personally, I think taking static Int and then spirit/mana procs/on-use on trinkets is the way to go – and then gemming full spirit.

    So, with VP, which rep do you grind first? Do you go for a trinket? Is it even worth looking at the DMF trinket (since you can save some VP)?

    I think trying to get more sockets it definitely the way to go, as you get double on secondary stats (i.e. spirit) which many times will work out better than a higher ilvl non-socketed piece.

  • eae

    THe neck that you list like pre-raid bis is reward of a quest that appears only when you reach exalted with golden lotus…

  • Humypallyguy

    I haven’t had time to go through the loot tables. What would be the preferred off-hand in terms of 463 gear (Pre-raid in your terms).

  • Humypallyguy

    Apparently im a poor reader. ><

  • Aluutu

    One other thing you may have thought of but didn’t mention is the 12.5% soft cap for Haste. Mastery is only valued higher that Haste after that break point has been reached.(From what I can find on other sites such as Ask Mr. Robot and Max dps)

  • Scoli

    I was wondering how the Conquest pvp gear is rated because that 4 set bonus is so nice, and im finding that i may be better than the normal tier set for my play style. Of course ill be replacing when i get hc tier pieces. I’m currently using conquest shoulders chest and gloves, will be getting legs on 7th of november and wont be replacing those till like i said hc raid tier.

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