Hi, I’m Gina!


This is me on the right, for real.

Me with Felica Day and Sandeep Parikh from the Guild

The nity gritty.

I started the site in 2009 to share my experiences in this fabulous game we all play, World of Warcraft. I welcome you to take a look around.

Who am I though?

  • I’m a 30-something avid gamer chick.
  • American girl.
  • Transplanted to Amsterdam in 2005.
  • I love to make lists
  • I can make lists to make another list
  • I am addicted to raiding and pvp’ing
  • I am  passionate about healing
  • I work in the gaming biz in marketing communications
  • I love to smile and it’s hard to shut me up :/
  • I hate white wine (unless it’s prosecco) but love italian red wine.. too much info? ok moving on!

I got started in MMOs with Guild Wars, but then I got a mac and I had to switch to WoW.

I never played in Vanilla WoW (I was busy blowing things up with magic in Guild Wars). I started off in many few years ago at the start of TBC with a Mage and had my fun committing suicide over and over on the stairs in Kara (arcane explosion ftw) and in pvp as a pom pyro mage.

At 70, I very quickly leveled a Shammy, who quickly made me fall in love with healing and overtook as my main for TBC.

With Wrath, I enjoyed my shaman, but then I joined the dark side and leveled a Disc Priest.  I fell in love with disc… and Horde.. and further in love with healing.

I was nicknamed healbot back then because I had all 4 max level healers, fully geared for pvp and pve at that time. I raided on 2 ten-man(woman) raid teams full time. I was always available with SOMETHING to follow you around heal your stupid ;-0)

Today in Cataclysm, my main is my holy paladin and that’s what I tend to talk about most.I really enjoy the healing style now, it’s much more fun. But my priest is still there on the sidelines, filling in on alt raiding and open team spots.

I also have a resto druid on Alliance side pvping on a pvp server. It’s fun to stealth and bounce around as a nelf but don’t tell my Horde family.

I’m crazy about this stuff,  just ask my tank, I live with him and have the pleasure of raiding with him side-by-side. He’s a raid leader and officer in our guild as well <3.

Why this site?

I hope that the stories and editorials posted here are valuable to you in your day-to-day excursions in game.

I’ll be providing tips and tricks, along with news, front-line PTR information, class theorycrafting and much more. Not only do we discuss PVE content and playstyles, but also PVP and arena!

…Seeking Guest Writers!

Do you think you have something to add to Healbot.net?  Is there a content topic you’d like to write about ? Other healing classes? Other raiding impressions? GM’ing?

We are seeking editors and content contributors who can write stories once and a while consistently. If interested, contact me!

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