Spine of Deathwing Heroic Down and Updates

I bet you guys / gals are wondering where I’ve been…

After several weeks of├é┬áperseverance, we downed Spine of Deathwing on Heroic two weeks ago. This bastard of a fight took us over a month to down – and that combined with major projects at work have had 100% of my time occupied.

I’m proud of the team and thank them for sticking around for that “one more try” that became a badass kill. So typical for our group haha. Even through one misclicked Leap of Faith and one shot of our kiting tank at the very last second.
Here’s the video of our kill and guild/horde first :) We’re still top Horde raiding guild and hope to get Madness down on heroic in the coming weeks… that is.. if we can get a second Spine HC kill in our hands. Urgh!

[youtube 7VGXuZjDd6o nolink]

I’m sporting hear full HC gear :) Third best geared paladin on the server and that makes me proud! :)

What else is going on? I’m finally in the beta! I was in the last batch. Meh. I never even got an email still to this day. I only found out by SPAMMING my battle.net account daily. But I’m there and my 4 favorite 85’s are there with me. So far, I’m LOVING my warlock and my paladin, guess what will be my main chars for MoP? :)

Speaking of my lock, isn’t she cute now with her new mog?

What’s in YOUR game these days?

Are you guys playing in the beta? Still raiding? What’s it like in your guild these days?
I really can’t believe we have to raid another .. unknown amount of months in Dragon Soul. I’m slowly seeing teams slow die out, the expansion is around the corner and I wonder if there’s enough in game to keep us interested until it drops?
  • http://www.flamerate.com Nic

    Grats on the HC spine kill hun and thanks for uploading the vid with the voicecom in it, I loved listening to the explosion of happiness when you got it down!

    To answer your question: I’m currently playing the following games casually: WoW (+ a bit of beta), SWTOR, SC2, Fifa2012 and D3.

  • Justicer

    Very nice Blog with nice Pala tips, Im looking forward for completing your Vuhdo/Grid section :)


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