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Holy Paladin T14 Roundtable on Healing Spec Podcast

Because you don’t get enough of my ramblings about holy paladins and healing here and on twitter, last Sunday I recorded a podcast over at Healing Spec together with a slew of amazing holy paladin bloggers we all know :) Pardeux-  from PardeuxRaids.com (on...

The inevitable is still the inevitable. The end is nigh…

Last week was bizarre. The week before, I started preparing several new blog posts. (remember, I’m back!) We did our normal normal raiding week, killed some new bosses and were working on getting Will HC down. Oh and I picked a fancy new transmog, too. Then the...

Updates Galoooor. Have no fear – I’m still here!

Hi healbots, Boy has it been a busy as heck few months and I’m keen to update you on what’s been going on with this little healbotess. First of all, a few months ago (and you probably remember) we disbanded our raid team after many years of raiding...

Why I love <3 Hand of Purity

You don’t have to be a holy paladin to love this talent. Hand of Purity appears in our 4th tier, it’s instant and has a pretty short 30 second cooldown. Be careful if you are mana starved though it does cost mana. This is not only a great talent for some...

How to not fail at healing T14 Heroics

Hello all! I’m baaaaaack! I’ll write a longer update this weekend when I have time but for now I wanted to bring you a tidbid of what’s in my mind. I joined a new raid team this week for the first time in many many years, started straight away on...


Countdown to WoD








Who’s healbot?

Gina is also known as healbotess. She used to be a hardcore raider (25 and 10s) turned Mom in 2013 - always passionate about all things healing.

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